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Interview with recurring guest author Katrina Hart

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How was “Love In Little Snow” conceived?
I was asked to take part in the snow globe novella collection. I love Christmas and the feel of family and love around that time of year. Dr Bailey Cartwrite is heartbroken he has lost his Girlfriend and lost his faith in God. When he gets given a new chance at love as he’s transported into a Snow globe world when he meets Holly… For me love and caring about one another really triggered this story…
Is this the genre you normally write in? Was it difficult to switch to unfamiliar territory? How was the writing process this time around? 
Love In Little Snow is a Christian Romance Christmas story.. It was a whole new experience writing Love In Little Snow. But I really enjoyed writing the story and adapting my writing style.. I think you learn something new every time you write a story and that’s always fun…
Can we expect similar work from you in the future or is this a one time thing?
I think I will try this style and genre again in the future as I enjoyed writing the story and following Bailey’s journey.
Tell us a bit about the main characters in your new release. Which is your favourite and why?
Dr Bailey Cartwrite is heartbroken after the death of his girlfriend Lucy and ever since he’s worked without giving himself time to grieve. He’s lost faith. But once he’s transported into Little Snow he has a lot to learn and has to find a way to open his heart. Favourites are hard but I do have a place in my heart for Bailey because he has so much love in his heart and it’s shadowed by his pain.

How much of yourself can we find in this new piece of work?
I think the me part of the novella is the feeling of love and doing what is right for those you love. Like Lucy did for Bailey…
If your book was made into a movie, who would you give the lead
role to?
Wow that’s a hard one I’m not sure maybe Tom Hanks because I like him as an actor..
What are you working on now?
Right now I’m working on my forth novel and tweaking thawing hearts my third novel… As well as a few short stories…
Where can we purchase “Love In Little Snow”?
katrina love in little snow
Love In Little Snow can be found on Amazon in Kindle format, other formats should be available soon.
Social media links-
Amazon Author page
Twitter. KatrinaHart2015



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