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Big Momma’s Restaurant & Bar

Interview with restaurant owner Roland Omamor as he shares the unique concept of Big Momma with us.
-What did you want to be when you grew up?
I have always wanted to own my own restaurant, but wanted to be a doctor when I was younger.
-How did the concept of “Big Momma” come about?
The big Momma’s brand was launched in 2005, based around my mothers cooking and recipes. The concept was developed after she passed away in 2004 when we decided to use her image as our brand logo.
-What is your role in the restaurant?
My role in the restaurant besides being a director is that of the General manager/ head chef. I developed all the food dishes and recipes and also the  bar menu and the protocol for the day to day operations.
-What kind of food can one find there?
We offer food from North, South, East and West Africa (Moroccan, Kenyan, South African, Ghana and Nigerian dishes).
-What kind of events do you host?
Besides dinner dances, we also put on Afrobeat nights with a bit of R&B every weekend. Big Momma´s restaurant is available for all your celebrations, we invite you to contact us with all the details of your events and we will help you create unforgettable memories.
-How important is customer satisfaction to you?
Customer satisfaction is very important to us, as a new business we need great reviews to get our restaurant to grow and attract more customers .
-How far would you go to achieve this?
We would go to great lengths (within reason of course) in order to achieve great customer satisfaction feedback. A lot of effort and training is put into preparing staff to enable them deliver an impeccable service to our customers.
-Do you cook? What is your signature dish?
I cook and all the dishes have been developed by me. Our signature dish is our Big Momma’s mixed grill.
– Five years from now, where do you see Big Momma?
5 years from now we expect to have opened 2 more branches in London and Birmingham.
-A chef that inspires you?
Jamie Oliver is a chef that inspires me, his concept of 20 minute meals is what has helped us deliver dishes that can be cooked fresh in under 20minutes.
-Recommend a three course meal at Big Momma.
Chilli Garlic Tiger Prawns: Tiger prawns cooked in chilli coconut milk.
Big Momma’s mixed grill :
Lamb chops, piri piri chicken breast, boerewors kebab & slowly braised BBQ oxtail served with sweet potato chips and coleslaw.
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE SERVED with your choice of Gelato (Coconut, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Mint, Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla)
-Contact details
Big Momma’s Restaurant’s
12 Garrick Walk
Theatre District
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 674352



Author of I stand corrected, When I grow up... Bienvenidos a gatos anónimos, Pasarse cuatro Pueblos and Sesenta segundos dan para mucho, Patricia Asedegbega Nieto was born to a Spanish mother and a Nigerian father in Madrid. As a child, she relocated with her family to Nigeria and later returned to Spain, where she acquired her BSc and master´s degree. She is currently living near Madrid with her family and her very stubborn cat, Merlin Mojito.

4 thoughts on “Big Momma’s Restaurant & Bar

  1. I totally love this review. Known Rowland and Patricia since we were kids. This energy’s fantastic! I plan on visiting Big Momma’s at some point and would certainly frequent it had I not been based in Bonney wee Scotland!

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  2. I had heard about the restaurant but now I will plan a trip via London just to be able to enjoy the delicacies. Well done Big Momma’s.


  3. I live in Kent and have been to Big Momma’s African Restaurant a few times with my family and a few other times with friends.
    I have also used Big Momma African Restaurant to host a Pre-Wedding Dinner for an Alumna and the service was was very remarkable and would definitely recommend for hosting events, dinners and parties. I must admit the food is marvelous, very very tasty with a new twist each time I visit. The ambience is relaxing and very homely. The staff are polite.
    Big Momma African Cuisine is one of those places you simply cannot get enough of, and always craving for a return.


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